Home Brew Tracking Generator cable
HP 141T and 8443A


Home brew tracking generator cable

Six individual cables interconnect
the HP 141T and the 8443A.

Each cable is an
equal length of RG 174/U coax
and two home brew connectors.

Each connector is made
from hobby type 5/32" brass tubing 1 1/4" long.
Original OD was .156", I turned down one half inch of the tube to .151"
in my drill press using files and emery cloth
Approximately 3/8" of brass tubing is exposed beyond the heatshrink.

The center conductor pin was salvaged
from a db9 female connector. The white insulation is stripped
from number 14 house wire
No attempt was made to solder the shield of the coax to the brass tube.
The outer surface of the brass tube was shined up with emery cloth
The shield was placed over the out side of the tube and
heat shrink tubing holds it all in place.
The cables have been in operation for 3 years and still working.