KISS-488 remote logging of
HP3478A DMM via HPIB bus


HPIB / GPIB / IEEE-488 To Ethernet Converter

KISS-488 when plugged into the DMM HPIB jack
turns the DMM into a web server accessible from
any standard browser
Commands are sent from the browser and results
are displayed in the browser.
KISS-488 turns the DMM into a logger, sampling
and graphing data over longer intervals.

Hewlett Packard 3478A
Digital Multimeter with HPIB interface

The HP 3478A is connected to my network
wirelessly via a Netgear EX 3700-100NAS
WiFi Range Extender. Any computer on the
network can access KISS-488
Power is supplied to the KISS-488 by
a 5 volt USB powersupply,
provided with the KISS-488.

Netgear EX3700-100NAS WiFi Range Extender
With Ethernet cable to KISS-488.

View of KISS-488 attached to HPIB jack
on the rear apron of the HP 3478A
Ethernet cable to Range Extender visible.

<--- Check with Steve for information on the KISS-488

Rear apron of HP 3478A.
5 volt power cable just below the Ethernet cable.

Log of a 24 VAC transformer.
Taken every 10 seconds for an hour.
The file from KISS was exported as a .CSV file
from my browser and imported into Excel.
In Excel the chart was created from the logged readings.

Log of a 1 K resistor.
Taken every minute for 3 + hours in 4 wire mode.

Log of signal strength of 10 MHz WWV transmission.
Taken one minute apart between 10:48 AM and 7:26 PM.

HP 3478A was clipped across the s-meter of a receiver with the AGC off.
Following the logging, a Fluke signal generator output was fed into the receiver
to create the similar readings on the s-meter.
See far right of graph.

Log of signal strength of 5 MHz WWV transmission.
Taken ten seconds apart for an hour and a half.

HP 3478A was clipped across the s-meter of a receiver with the AGC off.

This is a real time graph while the previous graphs were done after logging was finished using Excel to make the graph.

Thank you Cary for an excellent application.

Cary Oler's application is available here