AN/SRR-13A RF Front End Coil Rewinding


Rewinding open coils in RF stages of the SRR-13A.

AN/SRR-13A Receiver

Original Coils

Open coils were discovered in
two RF coils in the
2nd RF amplifier module.

Original Mixer Module coils.

Two coils found open
in the Mixer module.

Original coil with
protective cover removed.

Primary found to be open in several places.
Primary wound with
three strand X .0025 Litz wire.

The primary appeared to be open
due to corrosive chemical activity.

Rewound coil, coil is wound
with 3 strand x .0028 litz wire.

Number of turns was obtained
directly from the SRR-13A manual.

Coil dope is E6000 craft glue.

The coil was wound on
a home made version of the
Coilmaster coil winder  .

Mixer module replaced coils.

Mixer Module

Second RF amplifier replaced coils.

Rewound coils RF amplifier.
Band one freq coil 314 1/2 Turns #38 ga copper wire.
Band two freq coil 96 1/2 Turns 3 strand x .0028 litz wire.