AN/SRR-13A Tuning Capacitor coupler failure


SRR13A tuning capacitor coupler failure.

AN/SRR-13A Receiver

Copper bellows connecting dial to main tune capacitor failed
Dial and gear mechanism removed.

Dial and gear mechanism.

An ebay find from years ago and broken one side by side.

Brass 1/4 inch shaft coupler
solder let go after 50 years.

Shaft coupler is soldered to copper bellows and bolted to the dial mechanism.

This is spare with good coupler


Broken brass shaft coupler

Broken coupler

Both sides were cleaned up, fluxed and solder iron set for maximum
contact with brass coupler while iron was cold.
The coupler was successfully resoldered.

Maximum contact between iron and coupler. Once the solder flowed nicely
I pulled the solder iron plug and let it cool so as to not disturb the molten solder.

Reinstalled on original dial mechanism and in use.