WWV 10 MHz TRF receiver, W4CWG design


10 MHz WWV TRF receiver - W4CWG design

The W4CWG design for a 10 MHz TRF WWV receiver was discovered on line.

The receiver provides an accurate source of 10 MHz from WWV.

This is my version of the receiver.

Link to W4CWG's WWV receiver web site.

W4CWG 10 MHz receiver link

Link valid as of February 26, 2015.

Schematic from W4CWG documentation.

I discovered what I believe to be two errors on the schematic.
Pin 14 of the IC is shown twice, I believe pin 11 is omitted.
Pin 7 is shown as RSSI port, Pin 5 is correct RSSI port.
Pin 7 is unmute audio out.

I used a J310 FET and a 2N2222 in the output stage.

I followed W4CWG' alignment prodedure, Nulled the caps at 9.5 MHz.

I did not include the three terminal voltage regulator, I am running
my receiver off of a bench supply set to 5.0 volts.

Toroids used were FT37-43 cores.

Crystals were eBay HC-49S ten for $2.80 including shipping, from China

Side view

RSSI, volts and ground.

The innards. Built using the Manhattan style of construction.

Scope view of the signals.

I have been able to check the calibration of my HP3325A function generator
to within a few tens of millihertz using the receiver. Great Box!

Thank You W4CWG !

Data from W4CWG

Black numbers are
W4CWG data,
Red numbers are
my data under
input conditions.
I also added the
p-p voltage
out of the receiver.